Our promise to everyday veterinarians:

We understand that for you, becoming a veterinarian was a calling. It wasn't about the money, but rather about your passion to practice medicine for animals that can't help themselves.

We've heard first hand the long hours, challenges with staffing, and how challenging it is grow your practice. We've also heard how much you love your patients; every single veterinarian we've spoken with stated that providing the best quality of care was the primary goal of their clinic.

And yet, with all this zeal and all of these challenges, the technology industry has continued to stagnate for everyday veterinarians. We've seen the same software, the same features, and the same clunky, user experience for the past 20 years. We've seen the same companies continue to raise prices and buy out competitiors, ignoring the needs of veterinarians large and small.

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With a growing labor shortage in the veterinary space for both practicing vets and assistants, more hours will be demanded of each and every veterinarian. Inflation is rising and the cost of living is increasing, strangling the ability for veterinarians to grow their practice and provide for their families.

It's time for a change

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We believe that veterinarians deserve better tools and a better experience. We're cofounded by a passionate veterinarians, engineers, and designers who know first hand the potential of technology to help veterinarians build great clinics and maximize patient outcomes.

That's why our team is working hard to craft Kreative DocuVet to bring joy to everyday veterinarians. To stay true to our mission and to keep veterinarians first, we've establish three principles to inform every decision we make:


At the forefront of every decision is the veterinarian. We are wholly focused on ensuring that each feature we build is designed specifically for them.

Intuitive and beautiful

Software should look nice. It should be easy to use. It should be fun to use. We will prioritize great user experience of speed of releasing new features.

Cutting edge, when it makes sense

New technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence should be in the hands of veterinarians. But, we'll only use them when they will actually solve problems for veterinarians, not just for the sake of new technology.

We promise to stick to our mission and principles of building tools that truly helps veterinarians focus on their life's work.

the Kreative DocuVet Team

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We're on a mission to advance veterinary practice by developing tools veterinarians love to use, so they can optimize patient outcomes and focus on their life's work.

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