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Kreative DocuVet is building veterinary tools for the future.

We believe that everyone should have access to tools that improve lives and alleviate stress, and veterinarians are no different. Our story started when we realized that veterinarians were being left behind in the digital age. Our cofounders, discussed the lack of innovation in the veterinary space.

Veterinarians are tired of using outdated software that was clunky, slow, and difficult to use. They've tried multiple different software platforms to get their job done. They are was tired of having to use software that was built for human doctors, not veterinarians. Or if it was for veterinarians, it was tailor made for small animal veterinarians, and left equine and large animal practices behind.

Together, our team started Kreative DocuVet to build the tools that veterinarians will love to use. Our focus is on intuitive design that complements a veterinarian's workflow, not hinders it. We're bringing game changing technologies like Artificial Intelligence to help veterinarians increase efficiency and get home on time.

Our mission

Advance veterinary practice with tools that veterinarians will actually love to use

To help them get home on time, grow their practice, maxmimize patient outcomes, and go back to doing their life's work.

Our Accomplishments

We're proud of what we've achieved, and excited for the future.

Kreative DocuVet won second place at the Rough Draft Ventures / General Catalyst End of Year Pitch Competition in November.

We have polled over 115 everyday veterinarians and interviewed over 20 (and counting) to ensure Kreative DocuVet works for vets.

Kreative DocuVet advanced to round 2 for the Baylor New Venture Competition, being placed in the Top 50 from businesses across the country.

Kreative DocuVet advanced to the final round for the Stu Clark New Venture Competition at the University of Manitoba.

We're a part of the Kreative portfolio

Built on trust and innovation, DocuVet is designed to serve our veterinarians everywhere.

We're on a mission to advance veterinary practice by developing tools veterinarians love to use, so they can optimize patient outcomes and focus on their life's work.

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