Brand Guidelines

Resources about the brand and strategy to stay consistent

Mission and Vision

Kreative DocuVet is an organization on a mission to help the everyday veterinarian get home on time, one record at a time, through our AI powered software that generates medical records in minutes. Our vision is to have large, small, and equine veterinarians across the globe saving hours each day from Kreative DocuVet!


"Kreative DocuVet" are two words and never "KreativeDocuVet", always spelled with a capital "K" and "H". It is the brand name of the organization.. When referring to Kreative DocuVet specifically, please use "Kreative DocuVet".


Ensure there is ample surrounding space for Kreative DocuVet brand assets, allowing them to be either sizable or compact, but always affording them the freedom to breathe. Avoid making them appear confined or overcrowded.

Typographic Logo

The Kreative DocuVet typographic logo should be used in all references to the organization if there is ample room. The black and gradient logo is preferred.

Kreative DocuVet primary typographic logo behind white backgroundKreative DocuVet primary typographic in all black logo behind white backgroundKreative DocuVet primary typographic logo in all white behind black backgroundKreative DocuVet primary typographic with white 'kreative' logo behind black background


The Kreative DocuVet iconologo is for square-first or tight layouts. The first iconologo (with the gradient background) should only be used in instances like social media or profile pictures. The rest can be used in place of the primary typographic logo if space is constrained.

Kreative DocuVet primary iconologo in white behind gradient backgroundKreative DocuVet primary iconologo in white behind dark grey backgroundKreative DocuVet primary iconologo in gradient behind white background

Primary Colors

Besides whites and greys, our brand palette is built off of our special pick of green, blue, and (really) dark green.



Medical Blue


Deep Ocean





Can be for backgrounds or text. We always go from the left or bottom starting with green and ending with blue.

To the busy, tired, and passionate veterinarians. We hear you.

We're on a mission to advance veterinary practice by developing tools veterinarians love to use, so they can optimize patient outcomes and focus on their life's work.

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