Medical records,
done for you.

Go from 20 minutes per record to 2. Veterinarians are leveraging our AI to cut down on recordkeeping and go back to doing what they love.

Kreative DocuVet complted medicla record mobile app mockup
Say goodbye to stress ✌️

We're helping everyday veterinarians get home on time, one record at a time.

Our cross-platform software is helping small and large animal veterinarians save time, stress less, take those lunch breaks, all while caring for more patients.


Hours saved weekly

The problems πŸ˜”πŸ˜‘πŸ₯±

If you're a veterinarian running into issues like...

Back to back appointments that go beyond the 8-5

Struggling to get through your medical records

Stagnant clinic growth and staff experience

...then you need Kreative DocuVet.

Our custom built software is tailored specifically for small and large animal veterinarians to reduce the time spent on medical records. With our animal-specific AI, we can help vets cut down time writing medical records by 70%!

Step 1

Select your appointment

Or, create one from the mobile or web app quickly. All appointments are synced across devices and staff.

Kreative DocuVet mobile app mockup of single appointment selection screen.
Kreative DocuVet mobile app mockup of appointment recording screen.
Step 2

Click record and start

During your appoinement, the Kreative DocuVet mobile app will record your appointment ambiently in the background.

VoilΓ ! πŸŽ‰

Hit save and review

Our AI sifts through the audio to pull out key context from your appointment. You'll have a completed medical record ready to review in minutes!

Kreative DocuVet mobile and website mockup of the completed medical record screens.
Discover peace ☺️

Learn how you and your staff can find joy with Kreative DocuVet today.

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Designed to work the way you do

You won't have to change a thing about how you and your clinic works right now.

Meets you anywhere. Whether you're on an iPhone, Android, or desktop, we're cross platform.

Bring your team. Keep track of records across the clinic and allow your techs to manage appointments.

Kreative DocuVet on iPhone 15 Pro Max, mockup of the single appointment page.

Beautiful yet simple. We promise you won't find a better looking piece of veterinary software.

Out of the way. DocuVet listens in the background with no fuss - you won't even know it's there.

Forget nothing. Every appointment, transcript, and medical record in the cloud for you, forever.

Benefits for you πŸ†

Efficiency is possible

The status quo of doing medical records is no longer your only way. Kreative DocuVet is your better path forward.

Save time

Don't waste time writing medical records anymore. DocuVet's got this.

Be consistent

DocuVet formats notes exactly the way you want, every time.

Unlock revenue

Less time on records = more time with patients, and more revenue.

Stay accurate

DocuVet remembers everything you talk about, so you don't have to.

Get started for free πŸ‘‹

Feel the difference with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required.

To the busy, tired, and passionate veterinarians. We hear you.

We're on a mission to advance veterinary practice by developing tools veterinarians love to use, so they can optimize patient outcomes and focus on their life's work.

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